The existing Digital Transformation is totally based on secure internet and its smooth availability till the last mile. Cyber Criminals are there to dislodge the smooth flow for their own reason and normally their targets are financial institutions, critical infrastructure and personal information etc. To control this we need incident response immediate steps normally taken by Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT). In Pakistan there is no National Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) which could built the capacity of other organizations to form their own CERTs. This job is normally performed by some CERTs coordination centers which perform the following functions:

  • To establish their own Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) which could respond in Cyber Emergencies.
  • To build the capacity of their member CERTs through trainings to understand the attacks and respond to these attacks in real time
  • To issue latest and updated alerts and warnings of Cyber Threats from all around the world to the member of their organizations.
  • Act as coordinator for arranging Cyber Drills; National and International both.